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If you are wondering how to obtain a higher SAT score, here are some suggestions.

    • sat booksStart studying NOW. Today. It is never too early to start preparing for the SAT, but for many students, it soon becomes too late to significantly increase scores. Cramming for the SAT is ineffective and is just procrastination. Studying just a little every week over a long period of time is the only true way to maximize your scores.


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SAT preparation requires that you immerse yourself in SAT questions and review material. Start off your prep by getting the proper study materials. There are alot of SAT books out there, many of which are inefficient, inappropriate, and/or boring. Here are some of the best SAT prep books - buy them now and start studying immediately!

Buy this one RIGHT NOW.  Seriously, this is the only place to start if you're serious about preparing, so it's time to buy it.  The Official SAT Study Guide is published by the company that makes the real SAT, so it contains the MOST ACCURATE questions of all of the SAT books on the market. You can not properly study for the test without this book. Buy it now and work on as many questions as you possibly can.

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For your highest SAT Writing score, be sure that you not only understand, but are also actively looking for, SAT questions that deal with these issues.

1. Noun – Verb Agreement: a verb must agree in number (singular vs. plural) with the noun to which it belongs, not with a word or phrase in between. Find this error by putting a box around the Subject and the Predicate and checking for agreement.

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There's nothing more boring and ineffective than generalities.  Interesting, convincing writing is specific. Instead of writing "Last year in one of my classes...", write "For example, I found myself in a predicament during a review session in Pre-calculus when...".


Here's a great example of how to continue to drill down from general to more and more specific. Try to do this every time you're about to write a supporting sentence in one of your SAT essay body paragraphs.